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Prices & Specification


Our Prices

12-16m² - 25,250

20m² - 32,000

25m² - 41,000


(all prices inclusive of VAT. and subject to a site survey)



Also note; The above prices are for guide purposes. Rooms can be made to any size.

What's inside?


The main elements are structural timber frame. The frame is reinforced using structural grade sheathing board. Double skin wall and roof panels provide long lasting protection against the Irish elements.

At BLUE MOUNTAIN we use only certified and widely known brands from a reliable network of suppliers.


Natural fiber insulation, in walls, roof and floor cartridge. 

Walls / Rain-screen / Cladding

The structural frame is wrapped in certified moisture resistant ‘breathable’ membrane and laid over with a vented rain-screen of cedar/larch or other as agreed with client.



Warm, insulated, draught-proofed.


Windows and Doors

U-PVC, A-rated double-glazed glass, in advanced 70mm A-rated frames.



4, Double-sockets.

4, LED down-lighters internally.

3, LED down-lighters externally.

1, Electric heater.

1, Fuse board.


To be laminated flooring. Value allowed 20e/m.sq. / 100mm bull-nosed skirting supplied and fitted. Our eco-friendly flooring is Marmoleum. finished with skirting.


Wall Finish Internally

Plaster slab skimmed or taped and jointed. Unpainted.



Coated steel Plinth around exterior to base.

Our commitment to Sustainability.

BLUE MOUNTAIN's products are probably one of the most sustainable products on the market. Our shell and insulation are made from 100% renewable resources. To add to this, we endeavor to ensure that, where possible, materials are locally sourced. Currently we use imported cladding from certifiable renewable sources. Our windows and doors are manufactured locally and our piling system can be reused at the end of the buildings life. 

BLUEMOUNTAIN garden rooms are Carbon negative which means they have the net effect of removing carbon from the atmosphere rather than adding to it. In an average garden room of 12m2 this equates to approximately 2.2 tonnes of Carbon. 

Our 'super-structure and cladding' system is best practice for Irish conditions and for weather proofing and breathability we use the best membranes on the market ensuring the structure has a long life. 

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